Other Activities

Aero Club Como

People that climb on board a seaplane, have many various reasons other than being pilots. Most people want to simply experience the pleasure of being in the cockpit, and being able to observe the instrument panel, and help guide the aircraft. Other reasons can be to experience the speed, acceleration and movement on a three dimensional axis, or to observe the scenery that flashes quickly past your eyes. Tours consist of 30 minute flights for two people at about 140 Euro. Must book at least 4 days ahead during peak summer season.Another type of therapeutic flight that can only be done in seaplanes is for a fear of flying. The seaplane that flies above the water can return to the surface, in a few seconds, thanks to this fact the confidence of many people with this phobia is increased. The steps to flying can be taken gradually and reassuringly, always with at the discretion of the passenger if they want to return to the surface. It’s left to say that based on experience at Como, the possibility of such a safe experience is rarely unsuccessful in curing to at least some extent the fear of the passenger. We have had very few passengers who have requested to return to the water surface, and for the record none of them exploded into a state of panic, screaming and crying.

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Lake Como Paragliding Tandem

If you wish to fly and feel free like an eagle, soaring above Lake Como, this is your chance. It will be a unique adventure, and you’ll be able to admire from the sky one of the most beautiful lakes of Italy, surrounded by the Lombardy Mountains. From 6 to 80 years-old, enthusiast for big thrills or for the simple pleasure of Freedom, without any particular physical condition, a few steps to take off, then comfortably seated ahead of the pilot, you’ll enjoy the 360° panoramic views. In English, French and Italian.